Spend More Time With Children and Less Money This Festive Season

Surely there are much better ways to celebrate the festive season and much better ways to show kiddies we love them and care for them than giving in to their begging for expensive, materialistic stuff they’ve seen on TV, heard on the radio or read in a magazine? Here are a few tips that not only will make the holidays merrier, but will also help balance the budget and de-stress the season…

Christmas – Fun Gift Giving Ideas for Families and Businesses

Gift giving is not so much about the gift itself but a way to represent a deeper connection to each other. A way of acknowledging each other through generosity and gratitude by sharing a special moment together. The best gifts are ones that inspire play, are fun, positive and uplifting. Christmas gifts should be stress free, However, today the tradition of gift giving for many has morphed into a gremlin. A task of stress, added expense and confusion as to what to buy! It doesn’t have to be this way. This year I’m proposing that we all incorporate the tradition of Kris Kringle not only in our family life but also in our business life!

Christmas – Fun Variations for Kris Kringle!

Kris Kringle is a variation of Santa Claus’s name. Santa Claus is renowned for his secret giving. So it’s not surprising that a game for the festive season has been created called Kris Kringle. A way of secretly giving in families or in the workplace that is fun, playful and keeps costs to a minimal. Here are some fun variations on Kris Kringle that can be done on a budget:

Christmas – Secret Santa and Kris Kringle History!

A much loved Christmas December tradition is called Secret Santa or Kris Kringle. Kris Kringle originated in Germany while Secret Santa is a western tradition that originated in America. Read on to discover its history.

Mother’s Day – A Personal Story – Celebrating My Mum!

Mother’s Day is a glorious celebration from ancient times. Here is a personal story of celebrating my mother, now deceased and taking her loving life lessons and celebrating her and all mothers past with gratitude and love.

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