What Is Christmas?

We hear a lot about “Christmas Spirit”, but what actually is it, and where did it come from? And perhaps more importantly, what should it mean for us today?

Alternative Holiday Gift Ideas

Other than buying a gift, are there other ways to give meaningful gifts? Yes! Whether it is for the year-end holidays or for an upcoming birthday, with just a little thought there are a number of alternatives to buying something and still give a meaningful gift.

Keeping Your Christmas Tree Sustainable

There are plenty of traditions we associate with Christmas. A jolly fat man entering our home to leave gifts, family meals and singing religious praise all feature heavily in the public mind. Yet the most iconic part of the holiday might be the Christmas tree. This can seem surprising when you consider the short time it’s been with us.

Tips For Christmas Gift Giving With More Than One Child

Playing it Fair – Celebrating baby’s first Christmas is exciting. When it’s your second (or third) baby, though, it creates some new parenting challenges.

Expectation – The Key For Success In The New Year

Every New Year is different from the last year and so should be started on a new footing. Last year may not have been pleasant or as you expected, however, one thing that is sure is that the New Year holds the opportunity for a tremendous change. And the paramount key for success is your expectation.

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