Making A Difference In the World

Every major religion in the world has some form of the Golden Rule or implies that we are responsible for each other. No one seems to demonstrate that better than the new Roman Catholic Pope Francis. Since he was elected to this position, he has broken many of the rules that were observed by his predecessors. For example,

Keep Christmas Green With Organic and Eco-Friendly Gifts Under 25 Dollars

This Christmas season give consideration to the reasons behind gift giving. Gifts that are chosen with thought of the health of the recipient and the environment are the most meaningful and will be greatly appreciated. You do not need to spend a lot to find green gifts to keep your Christmas eco-friendly.

Read All About Mardi Gras Masks and Floats Traditions

Read All About Mardi Gras Masks and Floats Traditions Lots of Interesting Details about the Traditions of Floats and Masks for Mardi Gras Learning about Mardi Gras floats and masks customs is interesting, entertaining, and even fun. One of the more popular and recognizable symbols of all the parades and celebrations of the Mardi Gras carnival are the colorful and distinctive masks. These masks, it is believed, dates back for centuries to the early European celebrations, and there are even those who think it is rooted even further back and associated with the pagan celebrations of Rome.

Learning About the Mardi Gras Throws and Dates

Gathering the Mardi Gras Parade Throws and Remember the Dates for Mardi Gras Carnival Season – The changes in Mardi Gras and how it’s celebrated and ever increasing popularity is because of lots of reasons, not the least are variety of activities included. For one, there is not another holiday that has it’s own colors, parades, special party balls, and the date changes each year. Plus, it is the special time of the year when those celebrating Mardi Gras can wear very creative and colorful costumes to weeks of special events.

Let’s Make Christmas Merry Again!

This has been a very difficult year for our family (and many others). We went through a number of very painful situations and the golden lining is – I believe we have all come out stronger and in a better place than we were. I have a beautiful four year old grand daughter who’s life (and her Mummy’s) has been turned upside down in this last year so I decided that it is time to start to recreate some family traditions that have gotten lost over the years of busyness.

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