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Tips and Suggestions for Family Thanksgiving Activities

Thanksgiving is an important holiday for Americans. It is one of the days when the family is complete and dinner is special.

Try This at Christmas: 3 Ways to Change Your Mind About the Holiday

Are you frustrated with holiday traditions that are expensive, outdated or exhausting? Don’t be afraid to try new things, go on the cheap and explore alternative ways to create and experience a meaningful Christmas. It starts with a change in the way you think.

Choosing Fair Trade Gifts at Christmas Time

With autumn leaves falling and the nights drawing in it is time to start thinking about Christmas and the gifts you are going to leave wrapped up underneath the Christmas tree. Why not think about choosing fair trade gifts to give this year – giving to the individual and helping the sustainability of the production of these goods.

Calling All Music Lovers – Summerfest, Wisconsin

If you are a music fanatic and you want to be associated with something big and you’re planning to travel as well, then you should definitely go to a music fest. The world’s biggest music fest is the Summerfest which is held in Wisconsin, USA every year. This is an 11 day long music fest and it has actually been stated as the Biggest Music Fest in the World by the Guinness World Book of Records ever since the year 1999.

Get Organized For the Holidays: 7 Steps To Cope and Organize Your Post-Holiday Clean Up

Finally after weeks of preparations, your Thanksgiving meal is ready, the dishes are set and the holiday guests have arrived. Although you may try to enjoy time with your guests, you can’t help but keep your mind and eyes off of the post-holiday meal clean-up as well as the growing piles of pots, pans and dishes that seem to be magically accumulating in your kitchen sink. To your rescue, is a quick Seven Step Guide to get it all accomplished, allowing you time to unwind and spend time with your family.

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