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Creative Ideas for Christmas Workshops

With Christmas approaching it’s a magical and creative time of year. You find yourself wanting to create new designs, decorations and tasty treats inspired by Christmas themes. Organising a Christmas workshop is a great way of gathering people together to share and inspire one another with different forms of creativity.

Christmas at the Market

  There’s always something special in the air when you go out Christmas shopping in November and December. The lights, the cold breaths of air exhaled by the busy shoppers all wrapped up warm in winter jackets and sheltering in shop doorways from the wind, the bustle and rain. Although online shopping has allowed Christmas shopping to become more accessible and saving time for busy working parents, there’s a part of Christmas time when it’s nice to be out and about absorbing the atmosphere and feeling Christmas cheer.

Treat the Environment – Keep Your Halloween Celebration Organic and Earth Friendly

Halloween has become a big business offering us bewitching lawn decorations, costumes in a bag, and candy, candy, candy. This Halloween let’s try to bring the celebration down to green thinking. There are so many organic and eco-friendly ways to keep the Halloween celebration earth friendly. Natural decorations like straw bales or cornstalks make for a great fall look and are totally biodegradable. Rummage around in your closet (or a friend’s closet!) for clothing articles that suggest another story. Or, if you are purchasing, select a piece you can use in your wardrobe after tricking the neighborhood on Halloween. And for those Trick-Or-Treaters that visit you, offer earth friendly trinkets or organic and all natural food treats.

Customized Ornaments For Every Occasion

Decorating the Christmas tree is a beloved family tradition for millions of people around the world. To make this experience more fun and personal, many people choose to decorate their trees with customized ornaments rather than with ornaments from…

Halloween Activities for Dad and the Kids

Halloween is one of the most popular holidays in the world. Here are some interesting activities that you can do with your family on Halloween. This is especially helpful for dads who work at home.

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