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My Most Memorable Christmas, Delivered by Hand, Changing My Life – Now My Time

After being the beneficiary of so much during my life it is now time to give to others. Having been so blessed especially on this unforgettable Christmas I am about to tell you of, makes it a great joy and comfort to be giving back.

Holiday Spirit

Christmas, when you have small children, is a much different holiday than when you have adult children. When you throw into the mix of having a job that usually starts in a different state a few days after Christmas, you have to work hard to find that holiday feeling. This Christmas is the second year in a row where Rob and I had left Nashville before Christmas and had to travel back home for the weekend or are leaving right after Christmas.

Fun Valentine’s Day Party Ideas for Adults

Valentine’s day is a special occasion to show your partner the true meaning of love. As Valentine’s day is approaching near, we all can sense love in the air. Throwing a valentine’s day party would be a great idea to make your special one feel appreciated and loved. Instead of your relationship status, you can even celebrate valentine’s day with your family and friends to show how much they mean to you.

A Forget-Me-Not for Valentine’s Day

FORGET ME NOT – Last week, I made a patient cry. It certainly wasn’t on purpose. I just asked if she had plans for Valentine’s Day and she burst into tears.

Welcome Spring and Celebrate Easter

Even though the temperatures may not cooperate, Easter welcomes Spring with fresh flowers, brighter colors, and food fare that is lighter but more colorful. Whether your choices are vintage or modern, Easter can be celebrated and enjoyed with family and friends.

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