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Christmas in America Compared to Christmas in Italy, Two Pleasurable Holiday Destinations!

Whether you decide to celebrate Christmas in America or in Italy, you’ll find that the experience will be pleasurable. Both countries have much to offer during the holidays! It’s surprising how the two countries have become so similar at Christmas time due to the similar religious traditions, due to the opportunities for shopping, and thanks to most people’s desires to spend quality time with friends and family. Whereas thirty years ago the use of the Internet was less frequent, today the two cultures both explore each other’s traditions which has resulted in increasing similarities. Most Americans and Italians would agree that Christmas is about essentially about sharing one’s time, sharing the love, and helping the needy in imitation of the story of Jesus. In both cultures, even those people who are not Christians still enjoy the popular character known as Santa Claus or, in Italian, “Babbo Natale.” Christmas affords all of us the chance to see how we can share similar values and traditions so we become less divided. In America, we can thank Italian-American immigrants for the fine traditions they also brought to our country. There will always be a special relationship between Americans and Italians all year long!

8 Power Equipment Additions You Might Want to Add to Your Holiday Wish List This Year

Each Christmas season is celebrated differently every year. The festivities, spectacle of lights, friendships and exchanging gifts. Here’s a few gift ideas for those who are on Santa’s list that have a more practical need to help on those projects for the New Year.

The True Spirit of Christmas, Showing Love and Kindness to Neighbors and Coworkers

The holidays are an excellent time to show love and generosity to your neighbors. Take the time to smile at your neighbor and to say a word or two to make her day much better. Living in the spirit of the season is all about making this world a better place for brotherhood and friendship.

Trauma Survivors Dashing Through The Snow, Get Me Outta Here!

Jingle Mingle! Dashing through the snow! Reindeer prancing!

Christmas – Celebration of the Gift of Life

Christmas celebration is the celebration of God’s gift of life to humanity. It is the celebration of God’s love for man. An understanding of the essence of Christmas gives you access to the Lord’s abundance of life. Embracing it is to embrace the Master’s victory over darkness. This article enlightens you on the reason for Christmas.

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