The Lies And Ignorance About Christmas

Many are offended by it, many more celebrate it, and throughout the period disasters happen as Christmas comes and goes for another year. Those who avoid it are in many ways happier and healthier and enjoy life more because of what the season does to bring evil upon the world.

Care for Caregivers Is the Perfect Holiday Gift

Care for the caregiver is an ideal holiday gift. Whether family or friend, caregivers have a 24/7 job of responsibility. You can lighten the load with a bit of your time and lots of personal love and caring.

Have a Blast This Party Season With the Best Christmas Costume Ideas

Christmas is celebrated with great enthusiasm and gaiety and there will be parties and celebration throughout the month of December. The celebrations will begin from the day after Thanksgiving and continue until New Years. During this period you shop for gifts, host as well as attend parties.

Giving Books to Build Personal Libraries of Knowledge

There is still time to accomplish your book-giving goal. While the jumble of gifts will take on a new flavor, the fervor of chattering words and oral exchanges will add to the excitement of reading for years to come. Reading is a true, on-going, ever-giving gift. You cannot go wrong with a book!

Holiday Stollen: A Tasty Tradition

I love this time of year when the doldrums of cold days and dark nights are broken up by some of our favorite holidays. Thanksgiving gets things started and soon enough Christmas is on its heels. The various holiday foods are definitely one of my favorite parts. It’s typically but once a year I lay my eyes on pumpkin pie, cranberry sauce, fruit cake, and other, well, not so healthy items. They say the average American gains 7-10 pounds during the holidays. It can be difficult to resist those extra calories, especially when Aunt Mae is pushing you to eat “just one more homemade holiday cookie.” That special holiday feeling can be quickly replaced by frustration, anger and resentment when willpower drops and the scale starts creeping up.

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