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Read Something Different Said About Mother’s Day

It is the Digital Age and so many things have changed including a mother’s role and lifestyle. The role of being mothers have now fallen to society, that anyone who is caring, loving or doing anything to better our world is a mother. However, there are still mothers who remain mothers that I call super mums that should really be celebrated. So if you have a super mum, really love and celebrate her, but if you do not have a super mum, celebrate the good things being done to make our world a better place.

Three Things You May Not Know About Valentine’s Day

Each year millions celebrate Valentine’s Day without giving much thought to how the holiday originated. If you’ve ever wondered who Saint Valentine was or how the tradition of exchanging valentines got started, read on.

The REAL Origin of Easter and the Easter Bunny

How did the Easter holiday REALLY get its start and how did the legend of the Easter Bunny originate? The answers are quite different than what Christianity would have you believe.

Happy Belated Birthday – What To Say?

Did you forget about someone’s birthday and now you feel bad about it? Do you hesitate between just letting it go or going for “belated happy birthday”? There is a third option to go around it and come out classy.

Exactly Why Is Seeking Balance Baloney?

Feeling a little out balance this time of year with all the things that need to be done? Find out why you might be stressing yourself out in search of balance when you should be seeking the exceptional.

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