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10 Ways to Save Money on Halloween Costumes

First and foremost, you don’t have to spend a small fortune on them. There are ways to save money on cheap Halloween costumes for Kids and Adults. You could ask for handouts from neighbors, family, or friends. This should be something they think they can part with! This way combined with your findings, you are sure to save on Halloween Costumes for you or your family

Irish Christmas Traditions and Customs

Like most countries, Ireland has many of its own Christmas traditions. Ireland’s Christmas traditions that have survived to modern times are steeped in Celtic culture and religious faith.

Showing Gratitude at Thanksgiving and All Year Long

Thanksgiving is a day in which we Americans remember all of our blessings. We gather with family and friends to acknowledge the gifts we have received. We have a tendency to be more thankful on such a day, but it is also important to count our blessings all year long. What are some strategies we can use to be mindful of all of our blessings?

Should We Continue To Celebrate Veteran’s Day?

The Government of the United States declared that Veterans should be remembered and celebrated by their fellow countrymen on one specific day each year beginning on November 11, 1938. We are still asked to remember our living and dead Veterans today, but I have to wonder why our government feels it proper to continue to ask us to celebrate Veteran’s Day while they consistently and purposely ignore the very group of people the holiday was intended to honor?

How to Make This Thanksgiving Holiday Different And Better

Most of us have lost someone that they will miss this holiday season. Others of us do not take enough time to appreciate what we have. Let’s be mindful of our blessings this Thanksgiving.

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