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How To Make Your Own Elegant Painted Pumpkin Centerpiece

This fall, give your decor a more elegant look with this DIY project that creates an fall centerpiece with an elegant twist. Pumpkins and gourds get a coat of paint in white, black and silver for a fresh, modern look. A touch of elegance is added with rhinestone accents.

Circus Costumes

Who doesn’t like a circus? Circuses have been around for hundreds of years and entertain young and old alike. Perhaps you have always wanted to be a circus star but never had the chance. If so, you may want to dress up in a circus costume during the Halloween season.

Have Fun At Halloween!

Being a grownup is so over rated! But Halloween is the one time of year when you can indulge your inner child, even if you are an adult. Many adults enjoy dressing up in couples costumes because it means twice the fun. In addition, a couples costume discreetly announces to others that you and your significant other are a couple. If you are attending a lot of adult parties, this may be a good thing.

Tinkerbell Costumes for Women

Since the early 1950’s, Tinkerbell has appeared in the opening credits of many of Disney’s television programs. Because of this, she certainly has earned her place as a popular pop culture icon. In fact, Tinkerbell was once considered slightly risque and cute; by mainstream American standards.

Chinese New Year Beliefs

Chinese are very religious and are really concerned about their religious rituals. They believe on the signs of good and bad luck. They celebrate the New Year and have different customs and beliefs related to it.

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