What Businesses Are Cashing in on Halloween

The Classic Halloween tradition has evolved. It used to be just children trick or treating in spooky costumes. Now, adults and everyone can partake. See the businesses that are booming because of this spooky day.

3 Scrumptious Eggnog Dessert Recipes That Will Make Christmas More Fun

Eggnog is loved by everyone and is a fixture in any Christmas menu. This Christmas, serve more than the traditional drink with these hearty eggnog recipes!

Santa Claus Is White And That Is Racist – Actually, Once He Starts Working, He Is Black As Can Be

Today I talked to a College Student at the Malibu CA Starbucks, she was a very well-spoken gal, obviously from a family with means (judging by the Porsche she drove off in), and it was obvious that she had a fairly significant IQ with lots of prep-school education prior to her Pepperdine attendance. We got to talking about cultural challenges in our society. Specifically, the undercurrent of racism and as an example she noted that Jesus is depicted as a white male, and Santa Claus was also white. I laughed but decided to let her explain – and she gave me a perturbed facial expression and went into her pre-considered and obviously rehearsed speech.

How To Prepare For Christmas

Every family has those traditions and days that help define their family. I personally know some families (although I shall not divulge any names unless there is enough cash present) that are adequately defined by April 1. Christmas Eve clearly defines me. Christmas Eve means many things to me. For one, it means shopping. Yes, it is true; I do all my Christmas shopping on Christmas Eve. It cuts down on the stress. I know some people who spend weeks shopping and their life is full of stress.

How to Focus on Your Family During the Holidays

During the holidays, in the midst of all our planning and preparations, we often lose sight of what really means the most to us. Bring the focus back to family this festive season by communicating clearly, keeping with tradition and staying positive and loving throughout it all.

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