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Mardi Gras Etiquette for Claiming Your Spot Along the Streets

Yes, There is Mardi Gras Etiquette for Claiming Your Spot Along the Streets – With the rapidly approaching of Mardi Gras season and the colorful, lively, and fun parades gets underway, you might be interested in the Mardi Gras etiquette for claiming your spot along the streets. Since most visitors are unaware of how to respect those along the parade route, here’s a few pointers for your etiquette for Mardi Gras parades that all should be aware of while enjoying the parades. Believe it or not, as lots of out of towner parade watcher might be surprised to learn, there…

Planning Your Mardi Gras Party Theme and Invitations

Lots of Help With Your Theme for Mardi Gas Party and Invitations – If you are thinking about hosting a lavish Mardi Gras bash, then these Mardi Gras party ideas will be extremely informative and helpful. he entire Mardi Gras celebration is more or less a carnival that takes place over several weeks, usually beginning around the 6th of January, the day of Epiphany, and continues until the day preceding Lent, or better known as Ash Wednesday. For 2013, that date was February 21st.

Christmas With The Old Order Amish Community

Christmas eve and Christmas day in an Amish family and their community is far different than Christmas with the ‘outsiders’. Christmas for the Amish community is not just celebrated on December 25th, it is celebrated 365 days a year.

Winter and a Bowl of Soup!

An article about the dangers of winter and holiday food mixing to put on unwanted calories on kids and parents alike. This discusses a technique to keep children fit during the long and dreary winter weather that combined with the goodies of holiday food can wreak havoc on the health and well being of the entire family.

Why Is Black Friday So Popular?

People seem to look forward to Black Friday more than Thanksgiving. Everyone loves a bargain, but have we lost sight of the meaning of the day before Black Friday? So many people leave their homes long before Thanksgiving is over, to queue for hours, and then get pushed and shoved, and even seriously injured, in the jostle for a discount. Is it worth it? I don’t think so, not with so much violence abounding nowadays. Personally, I’d rather be cosy, at home enjoying quality time with family.

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