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Growing Acceptance of Artificial Christmas Trees

Libby is one of a growing number of fans of artificial Christmas trees. Convenience is the obvious prominent reason. A 2004 poll shows that the use of artificial Christmas trees has surpassed that of real.

Holiday Camping Game Ideas

Summer is wonderful season because it’s sunny, warm and brings families together. The holidays are a fun time for families to spend quality time together, especially on a camping trip. Camping can be even more fun when you have some camping games and entertainment prepared.

Books Are a Thoughtful, Welcome, and Easy Holiday Gift

Mention the holidays and some people groan. They don’t have any gift ideas and have little time to shop. If this description fits you, maybe it’s time to give books. This article details five reasons to give books for gifts this holiday season.

The Simple Things In Life: Thoughts for Thanksgiving

During this season of giving thanks, we need to remember the wonderful gifts we have been given and express our gratitude. Thoughts should also be directed to those creative enough to make products that are safe for our health and the health of our environment.

Caregiving: Five Ways to Survive the Holidays

You became a caregiver willingly and lovingly, yet the job can be stressful. Your To Do list seems to get longer each day. At the end of the day, some tasks are done and some are not, and you feel like you’re falling behind. Add holiday stress to this mix and you really feel like you’re behind. At this time of the year you want to feel upbeat and festive. These tips from an experienced caregiver will help you enjoy the joy of the season.

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