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What Does Christmas Really Mean?

Christmas is more than celebration with food and gifts with family and friends. Christmas is about being peaceful and renewed.

5 Steps to A Perfect Christmas Tree With Decorations

Tis the season for holiday decorations and nothing is more pivotal to the idea of holiday decorations than the Christmas tree. Whether large or small, faux or fresh, natural or flocked; the tree and all that is associated with it is rightfully considered the heart and soul of holiday decorations. Don’t make mistakes when it comes to the tree this season. Follow these easy steps and enjoy your most beautiful tree ever.

How to Tame the Holidays at Work and at Home

It would be a fantasy – but wouldn’t it be nice if the holiday season went in an orderly fashion, one event to the next, with perfect orbs of celebration repeating themselves in different colors? What really happens is more like the whirlwind of leaves or snowflakes spiraling beyond control because there is very little you actually do control in this busy season. Still, there are things you can do to tame the chaos enough to enjoy the ride.

4 Tips to Help Clean-Up Christmas Tree Needles

Christmas is fast approaching and along with panicking over the Christmas shopping, many households will be having a debate over whether to opt for a real or a fake tree. Over recent years, real Christmas trees have increased in popularity. It’s estimated that roughly 8.2 million are sold in the UK each year. If you’re one of those who’ve opted for a real tree this year, you’ll no doubt be dreading fallen tree needles.

A Small Familly Thanksgiving?

Because I have a tendency to invite everyone I know (and don’t know) to holiday dinners, our celebrations are usually very large. But this year, we only had our son, daughter-in-law and oldest daughter. Vive la difference!

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