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When being a responsible adult looks irresponsible


This was written on April 4th, 2013 in a coffee shop in Ottawa shortly before we left for Oregon.

Today I wrote a check that will clear out all our savings and leave us with just enough money to get through until the next paycheck, which will be in June. Maybe.

I’m all about saving money for a rainy day or an emergency and living as far below your means as possible. You know, responsible adult stuff. I  budget, get regular check-ups, serve at my church and teach my kids manners. This makes me a responsible adult, right? Continue reading


Letter to My Empty-Nester Self


Hello Empty-Nester self,

I know, I know. I have it so good.

Eleanor is a super-fun toddler who is only occasionally snarky and is just blossoming every day. Edward loves (is there a stronger word than love?) for me to hold him. Those clear blue eyes meet mine and tell me I’m the only woman in the world to him.

I have time with our children. I get to spend all day tickling tummies, reading stories, giving kisses and being a hero. Continue reading