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Wells for Bandanpally


As a mother of two young children and wife to a husband who is a full-time student and employee, I am busy. Most days I could use about an extra five (or 24) hours to get everything done. I make meals, change diapers, do puzzles, read, write and so many other things.

The women of Bandanpally, India are also busy. They make meals, take care of their children, collect water.

I don’t collect water. And because I don’t spend most of my day collecting water that I have the time to pursue the things that make my life rich. Three wells in Bandanpally would give women the chance to do more than survive; they could thrive. Continue reading


Where I am from


‘Where are you from?’ has always been a tricky and difficult question for me. For most people, it’s pretty straight forward. They’re from the place they were born or where they spent their childhood. My family lived an unintentional transiency and it’s a pattern Ryan and I have yet to alter.

To date, I have lived in:

  • Four states
  • Two provinces
  • Three countries
  • Two continents
  • Eighteen residences

Where am I from? It’s kind of convoluted. Continue reading