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6 Small Habits to Increase Contentment – Guest post at Red+Honey

6 Small Habits to Increase Contentment When Life Isn't Easy Photo

I’m posting at Red + Honey. Read the teaser here and click over to read the rest. While you’re there, stay a while! It’s one of my favorite blogs and I am constantly blessed by it.

The couch is covered in unfolded laundry. The kitchen sink is pilled with dirty dishes. My unchecked ‘to-do’ list mocks me, my weekly goals are untouched. It’s already half an hour past bedtime and the kids are still running around, not even in their pjs. My husband asks where his work clothes are and I hear a child scream out through hot tears, ‘He hit me!’

What I want to do in this moment is scream, cry, run away. I want to be as far removed as possible from the responsibilities and pressures of managing a home and raising a family.

But what I need to do in this moment is to choose joy. To choose love for those entrusted to me. To choose contentment. Click here to read more…


More with Less: Cultivate contentment

Cultivate Contentment

Keeping up with the Joneses.

Bigger is better.

Supersize me.

We are constantly surrounded by messages that life tell us our lives will be better when we have more toys and our homes are filled with certain objects.

There’s a strong undercurrent calling the bluff, proclaiming that more stuff actually makes you less happy and living small is better for you, everyone else and the environment. But it’s still the undercurrent and even if you share these ideals, living them out in a materialistic world can be hard. Continue reading