In defense of a clean home

In defense of a clean home

I have a confession to make, and I feel it’s controversial:

I keep my house clean and I find housework satisfying.

I’m not OCD or neurotic and I don’t intend to single-handedly undo feminism — I just really enjoy and value a clean living space and I make it a priority. With a little bit of extra effort I’m able to maintain a working level of cleanliness in my home that allows my daily life to flow a bit more smoothly and with a lot less stress. Continue reading


Where I am from


‘Where are you from?’ has always been a tricky and difficult question for me. For most people, it’s pretty straight forward. They’re from the place they were born or where they spent their childhood. My family lived an unintentional transiency and it’s a pattern Ryan and I have yet to alter.

To date, I have lived in:

  • Four states
  • Two provinces
  • Three countries
  • Two continents
  • Eighteen residences

Where am I from? It’s kind of convoluted. Continue reading