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When someone else’s life looks better than yours

When someone else's life looks better than yours

Earlier this week I ran into a friend I’ve known since high school in the grocery store.

We briefly updated each other on the happenings of our lives, mostly the adorable and annoying things our kids have done lately, and I told her about developments in my family’s plan to move abroad again soon.

She laughed and said, ‘I live vicariously through your adventures!’

My friend lives in her hometown and is married to a man from her hometown, they own a home, have great jobs, a beautiful daughter and are surrounded by family.

Her response made me smile.

‘I live vicariously through your stability!’ Continue reading


More with Less: Own Less Stuff

Own Less Stuff.jpg

Welcome to the series More with Less where we look at various ways we can live a more abundant life with fewer possessions. I hope this series helps you to rethink how you view your money and possessions. You can read the intro My Journey with Money and previous installments: The Four Purposes of MoneyGive Your Money Away, and Cultivate Contentment.

In the six years since we got married, Ryan and I have packed our lives and possessions into two carry-ons and two checked bags each and moved on a plane to a new country three times. We’ve done it with one kid and we’ve done it with two. And with another international move somewhere on the horizon I’m starting to cast a sideways glance at everything we own. Continue reading


Embracing Self-care: Peace in the Home

Peace in the Home photo.jpg

A group of bloggers are doing a series called Embracing Self-Care and each is posting on the same topic every Wednesday this month and they’re extending an open invitation to join in. Here are my thoughts on this week’s topic, Peace in the Home. And check out the other installments as well: Know Thyself and Health and Spirituality.

If mama ain’t happy, ain’t nobody happy

As much as I wish this wasn’t true, it is. There’s a direct ripple effect that takes my frustration and stress directly to my children. I recognize more and more that my behavior, attitude and even countenance can change their moods quick. So, this mama needs to stay happy and enable peace to flourish in our home. Continue reading


Embracing Self-Care: Health and Spirituality

Health and Spirituality

A group of bloggers are doing a series called Embracing Self-Care and each is posting on the same topic every Wednesday this month and they’re extending an open invitation to join in. Here are my thoughts on this week’s topic, Health and Spirituality.

Some people can’t wait to read their Bible as soon as they wake up in the morning. They pray and talk with God all day. Their day goes badly if they haven’t spent enough time doing either of these.

That’s not me. Continue reading


Embracing Self-Care: Know thyself

Know Thyself

In a week and a half something glorious will happen. When it does the heavens will part and angel’s voices will fill the air as they sing the Doxology.

Ryan will submit his final paper in the first year of his MA program.

No longer will my husband be a full-time employee AND student (oh, and a dad and husband, too).

No longer will my evenings be prefaced by asking, ‘What homework do you need to get done tonight? Will you be able to help with the kids?’

No longer will I make plans around a syllabus. Continue reading





Today I’m joining Lisa-Jo Baker’sFive Minute Friday where she provides a prompt and we write for five minutes, no editing, just writing. Fun! Today’s prompt: mighty.

Mighty is exciting. I see it’s force in my life and mountains are moved.

Mighty is everyday. I am able to choose joy in the midst of my daily grind and my heart is renewed. Continue reading


How to recover when life throws you a curve

When life throws you a curve

For a week my life was dominated by two phrases:

Extreme winter weather warning and bronchiolitis and pneumonia.

The former turned what was supposed to be a day in Portland into a 2½ day stay because of freezing rain and snow on the route home. The latter saw my son sick and in the doctor’s office one day and then in the hospital for the next two (he’s much better now). In the two days in between these events I reached my low as a mother and my productivity was nil the entire week. Continue reading