How to recover when life throws you a curve

When life throws you a curve

For a week my life was dominated by two phrases:

Extreme winter weather warning and bronchiolitis and pneumonia.

The former turned what was supposed to be a day in Portland into a 2½ day stay because of freezing rain and snow on the route home. The latter saw my son sick and in the doctor’s office one day and then in the hospital for the next two (he’s much better now). In the two days in between these events I reached my low as a mother and my productivity was nil the entire week. Continue reading

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When being a responsible adult looks irresponsible


This was written on April 4th, 2013 in a coffee shop in Ottawa shortly before we left for Oregon.

Today I wrote a check that will clear out all our savings and leave us with just enough money to get through until the next paycheck, which will be in June. Maybe.

I’m all about saving money for a rainy day or an emergency and living as far below your means as possible. You know, responsible adult stuff. I  budget, get regular check-ups, serve at my church and teach my kids manners. This makes me a responsible adult, right? Continue reading

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Getting old

Getting OlderMy birthday was this week. And you know something? I love getting older. It’s not because I’m still a 20–something and therefore young — I am genuinely excited about what the passing of time means.

In my relatively few years I’ve done a bunch of cool stuff: grown from a baby to a child to an adult, traveled, gotten married, had two kids. I’ve also learned a lot: how to love, be a responsible grown-up, find joy. There have been plenty of hard times and seasons I would rather have not happened but they’re a part of who I am, too. It’s with each passing year that I become more of who I am. I know myself better and have the experiences that define me. I become more comfortable with myself and my strengths and weaknesses. I become the woman I was meant to be. Continue reading