The two things I want for Mother’s Day

The two things I want for Mother's Day

On Thursday two posts about Mother’s Day scrolled across my Facebook newsfeed. While they’re about the same holiday and both intend to celebrate mothers, they came at it from very different perspectives.

And they both totally resonated with me.

The first was a video on HuffPost Parents (watch it before you continue reading):

What Mom’s Really Want for Mother’s Day

I’m don’t typically laugh out loud, but oh man, I was hysterical. I think I said, ‘It’s SO true! It’s SO true!’ through at least half of it. Continue reading


10 unexpected lessons about motherhood

lessons about motherhood

Before I became a mom I knew there was lots of stuff I didn’t know about motherhood. I mean, there were more books than anyone can count written on the topic, more blogs than I cared to read and billions of women who were mothers before me. What did I know? While I did a fair amount of research on the subject, though not as much as most women due to the lack of an English ‘Parenting’ section at my local Hungarian library, I was relatively clueless when my daughter came into the world that frosty January morning. I knew I was embarking on a steep learning curve, I didn’t appreciate just how steep it would be. Some things I’ve learned along the way haven’t surprised me, others seem somewhat random and downright ridiculous. Here are my 10 favorite unexpected lessons about motherhood: Continue reading