More with Less: The 4 purposes of money (and one non-purpose)

purposes of money

Welcome to the second post in the series ‘More with Less’! This is a bonus installment as this series will usually run on the first Friday of the month. But I am so excited to get it going I want to lay some more foundation before we jump into the practical aspects of living more with less. If you missed last week’s post ‘More with Less: My journey with money’ I suggest you read it first before diving into today’s post.

For most of my life I thought money was meant to buy me stuff and allow me to have fun. Yes, it was also meant to pay mortgages and buy toilet paper but those were definitely secondary. Oh man, was I wrong! When God made it clear that I needed to become frugal and recognize my dependency on him the biggest change hasn’t come in my spending habits, though the change there was pretty drastic. The biggest change is how I think about money. It is no longer the ticket to fulfilling my wants and desires; it is a tool used to enable me to live the life God calls me to, one of abundance with fewer possessions. I’ve slowly come to understand the purposes of money and as I do I found the freedom and joy I didn’t experienced when I used money only to please myself. Continue reading