Embracing Self-Care: Health and Spirituality

Health and Spirituality

A group of bloggers are doing a series called Embracing Self-Care and each is posting on the same topic every Wednesday this month and they’re extending an open invitation to join in. Here are my thoughts on this week’s topic, Health and Spirituality.

Some people can’t wait to read their Bible as soon as they wake up in the morning. They pray and talk with God all day. Their day goes badly if they haven’t spent enough time doing either of these.

That’s not me. Continue reading

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When being a responsible adult looks irresponsible


This was written on April 4th, 2013 in a coffee shop in Ottawa shortly before we left for Oregon.

Today I wrote a check that will clear out all our savings and leave us with just enough money to get through until the next paycheck, which will be in June. Maybe.

I’m all about saving money for a rainy day or an emergency and living as far below your means as possible. You know, responsible adult stuff. I  budget, get regular check-ups, serve at my church and teach my kids manners. This makes me a responsible adult, right? Continue reading


Life: interrupted


I look out the window and realize: it’s here. What I have been waiting months for has finally arrived.


I rush to the window and throw it open. The tyranny of summer is ended and I can once again breath, really truly breath. It’s cool crispness soothes my soul and I savor it. Visions of sweaters, pumpkin chai tea and walks on crunchy leaves fill my consciousness. Continue reading