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Unique Holiday Flowers To Wow Your Guests

One of the best ways to create an instantly inviting atmosphere at your holiday party is to decorate your home with gorgeous floral arrangements. For the most unique, spectacular holiday flowers, consult with a professional to help you.

Winter Proof Your Home For The Holidays

The holidays can’t come soon enough because for many people, the holidays during the month of December are the most anticipated time of the year. Together with the holiday cheers comes the dreadful winter that may harm not only us, but our homes as well. It’s very important each year before the holidays and winter come that we prepare our homes and do the necessary maintenance. Since budget is a very important factor to consider, it’s imperative that we keep our maintenance expenses to a minimum without compromise to our home safety.

Easter Bunny, Tooth Fairy, and Santa, Oh My!

Two weeks ago, my 11-yr old, Jacob, discovered “who” was actually Santa. It was totally by accident and turned into a beautiful blessing.

Beginning of Christmas

People from all cultures have been celebrating Christmas for thousands of years. Christmas was originally celebrated in the thirteenth century, though it was not the celebratory event that it has become. In this look back at Christmas from its origin, to the enormous event it is today.

Holiday Appetizers

The holidays are a time of celebration with family and friends. Throwing a holiday party is fun, not only because it gives you a chance to socialize, but with a caterer, it is a chance to impress your guests.

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