Taking Time to Enjoy December

The next month is going to fly by, we have a few trips planned, some long driving times and some on the airplane so today’s article is to help you make sure you take time to ENJOY all that is happening and going on with your twins. And don’t get caught up with all the planning, shopping, baking, and other craziness that happens this month.

Make a List and Check It Twice, You Have Twins

How many times have you heard that moms of twins are like Super Woman? Well, I don’t really believe that but I do think we have a different outlook on things having two babies/toddlers to deal with at one time. This time of year always makes me feel like I don’t have enough time to get everything done. I ask myself multiple times a day, how am i going to get all this finished before Christmas with twins? This article talks about making a list and checking it twice. If it works for Santa, it must work for me too!

How To Pick the Right Fairytale Dress

There are some events that we have to attend which require us to wear a fairytale dress. This would usually be a party with a fairytale theme. Most girls would be excited when they learn that a party they are going to attend has a fairytale theme. This is because fairytale characters are fun to dress up as. It would also be fun to shop for a great fairytale dress and the accessories that would match how we would want to portray the character that we have chosen.

Will the Mayan Calendar Wreck Your Christmas?

Life doesn’t always give us warnings and almost no catastrophe can be penciled into the calendar. Usually the possibility of sudden calamities is spoken of as common sayings, pet fears or rumors. In time most are dismissed as nonsense.

The Great Christmas Tree Debate: Which Are More Environmentally Friendly, Real or Artificial Trees?

This article investigates whether real Christmas trees or artificial trees are more environmentally friendly. It concludes that real pines are much kinder to the environment meaning that you can keep that piney smell wafting around your house for many Christmases to come.

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