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Tips for Preparing for the Christmas Party

If you are getting ready for your yearly Christmas party, then there are a few things that you can do to decrease the pressure that you feel during this time. Christmastime is a special time and it should not be spent in a state of panic. If you are feeling overwhelmed, then your guests are going to feel it too.

Painting Memories That Invite You to Look Closer

The holidays are a time for capturing new memories and remembering old ones. As an artist, it is this time of year that I feel the incredible responsibility in portraying those memories “just right.” Here’s how I do it…

Staying Safe for the Holidays

Keep you, your family, and your belongings safe this holiday season with these safety tips against holiday crime. Prepare your home and your car from thefts before you leave for that fun and relaxing holiday vacation.

The Happiness Formula

Often clients come to see me and state “I want to be happy. How can I do that?” My first response is “First you have to make a decision that you will be happy. It is so much easier to reach a goal if you first decide with conviction that you will succeed. The second step is to focus on the things for which you can be

10 Unique Christmas Shopping Ideas

It’s the time of year when you are likely scrambling to finish your preparations for the Christmas celebrations. Following are some ideas that might help you to finish off the gift-giving list.

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