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Wheel of the Year – Lammas

Modern pagans and wiccans often take their cues from the agrarian folk traditions of old Europe. These cultures marked the year with holidays that celebrated where they were at any given time within the cycles of the harvest. Lammas is the holiday, or sabbat, that begins the harvest period. It takes place while the hot summer sun is still blazing. Let’s look at what this holiday means to today’s adherents of the old European spiritual traditions.

How to Throw an Awesome Halloween Party

Throwing an awesome Halloween party is a lot of fun and does not have to cost a lot of money. Every year I throw a great Halloween party and my friends and family rave about them every time. The key is to have great decorations, delicious food and drinks, and to give the guests something fun to do!

Ways to Successfully Host a Halloween Scavenger Hunt

One of the most-awaited moments of the year is right here once again. Dim neighborhoods are brightened by ghastly smiles of Jack-o’-lanterns in communities where the breeze is also slowly getting colder and the leaves that have fallen off of pines give each step a crunch.

Tinkerbell Outfits For Adults

How many costumes can you think of that would suit various themed parties? A Tinkerbell costume is one such.

4th of July Activities for Kids – Revive Classic Childhood Games

Parents should consider reviving classic outdoor games from your childhood as Fourth of July activities for kids. They should help make your holiday picnic or get together extra special. Listed below are 4 games you may have forgotten but have stood the test of time and will likely elicit fond memories from childhood.

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