Who Is Santa Claus?

Everyone knows Santa Claus: he is the jolly and fatty man that dresses in red, has a white beard and gives toys to those children who have been good. When? On Christmas Eve, of-course!

It Time To Start Your Christmas Pudding

Christmas pudding or plum pudding has been served since medieval days. Many families have their own versions of the recipe. In Victorian times this pudding was dubbed plum pudding although the recipe does not call out for plums. Back then, a raisin was termed a plum.

Evoking Good Conversation This Holiday Season

With all of the technical gadgets today, sometimes it’s hard to remember how to help those engage in real, face-to-face conversation with each other at holiday functions. This article is a handy reminder of things that can be done to promote good old fashioned chitchat!

True Peace

Every year I write an article for Canada’s Remembrance Day which is on November 11th. This time I thought I would write a poem instead: Remembrance Day: a time when we Recall how others fought. Gave up their homes, their health, their lives So freedom could be bought.

Sharing the Gift of Christmas

The Christmas season is a busy time of year for all of us, but it only takes a split second or a few extra bucks to make a difference in the lives of those around you. This holiday season, take a few extra moments and share the true gift of Christmas with everyone you meet.

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