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Halloween, 31 October – Witches, Bats, Skeletons – Party Time, Fun Time, Scary Time

Here you will find a brief outline of the origins of Halloween and how the original pagan traditions have continued in various forms up to today. Until recently the celebrations were mainly centered around children’s activities but have now expanded to include the whole family and pets.

The Christmas Story Is All Around Us

Ancient scriptures relay the details of the birth of the baby Jesus. It seems so strange to think about how more than two thousand later we still talk about the humble beginnings that led to continued celebrations on December 25 of each year. Though things have changed over time, many things remain the same.

Christmas Resolutions – No Regrets This Year

After all of the glitter and excitement is over do you ever have regrets? Do you promise yourself that next year will be different? Well, before we get too far into December, let’s think about how you can prevent that from happening again: 1…

Victory Remembered

The idea began in England in the mind of a scientist named Geoffrey Pyke. He envisioned a small, elite and well-trained commando unit that would be able to fight behind enemy lines in winter conditions. It was 1942 when the United States and Canada accepted the challenge to form, train and command the First Special Services Force (FSSF) which was later nicknamed the “Black Devils”.

Halloween Costume Ideas For Men

Halloween is finally here and for parents with children, this means purchasing kid costumes which range from super heroes to favorite movie or book character. Once parents and children are costumed, its time to hit the neighborhood so as to trick and treat. The front yard of many homes will have been decorated with various themes such as ghost haunted home or an asylum for mad people.

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