Why you SHOULD be shopping TARGET LIQUIDATION! 😱 (they are gonna hate me for telling you this! 🫣)

Holiday Decorating and The Wreaths of Death

Learn about who gets holiday decorating injuries and how to prevent them while hearing a funny, personal story of risking your life for the good of the season. You will think twice before going on the roof the hang those wreaths!

Why Christmas Again?

Christmas again is here. What is special about it? Why should it be a big holiday time? Some people really ask these questions and they want answers. This article is to answer the question “why Christmas again?”

All the Insane People Seem to Crawl Out of the Woodwork During the Holidays

In light of the killing spree of innocent children and adults in Connecticut, makes it harder to look forward to the Holidays. 20 children and 8 adults were killed by a single lunatic. Did the educational systems across the United States not learn any thing from the killings in Columbine, Colorado?

Holiday Stress – Unrealistic Expectations

The holidays are here. Time to spend many joy-filled hours with family and watch their faces beam with appreciation as they unwrap the perfect gift that you found for them.

5 Tips For The Care And Disposal Of Your Christmas Trees

Getting a Christmas tree can be a fun experience. It’s a time to spend with family, and there’s nothing more fun than decorating it. These tips will help you get the most from your Christmas tree so you enjoy it during this season.

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