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Live Verses Artificial Christmas Trees

We would like to tell you the difference between Live and Artificial Christmas Trees. What is the difference to you personally? Do you have a preference?

‘Twas the Night Before Christmas

Christmas Eve is a special time and children should be allowed to enjoy their childhood while they are still young enough to enjoy the magic of it. You can’t rush childhood; it ends when you are old enough to take on the responsibilities of adulthood.

How To Cure Your Christmas Hangover

All occasions involving alcohol tend to leave your brain feeling dumb, numb, and confused. These occasions vary in their severity; while you may be all right the very next morning most times, there may be severe cases when you try to dial your razor even two days later. Christmas parties are very notorious for causing such extreme cases, and this is when you need to look beyond the common hangover cures to get your body and brain to feel normal again.

Merry Christmas to All! (I Ain’t Afraid of No Grinch!)

At this this time of year, I miss Christmas’s past, those of years ago when I was a kid. The excitement was greater by far then, the anticipation grew more intense by the day as Christmas drew near. I especially miss the old days of Christmas in a rural area. Christmas meant Christmas trees each year. In the country, one does not go to a tree lot to buy a dried-out and sometimes-scraggly, exorbitantly priced Christmas tree. in rural areas one packs their recently sharpened ax, heads to the nearest wooded area, scouts out the best fir tree there, and harvests it.

A Pinwheel

A Holiday symbol can make us think about the underlying meaning of a holiday, like Christmas. Some symbols of old were readily recognized and widely used, yet are not remembered as well today. A pinwheel is one of those symbols.

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