Creating The Ultimate Easter For Kids – And You

Easter can be one of the most entertaining and meaningful holidays of the year, especially when it comes to celebrating with kids. There are literally hundreds of ideas you can incorporate into your celebrations to make Easter for kids a very special and memorable occasion. As a parent, you can add that special touch to the occasion that will keep your kids enthralled throughout the Easter season with these kids Easter ideas.

5 Tips To Keep Your Pet Safe At The Halloween Pet Contest

Halloween pet contests are becoming more and more popular every year and maybe you’re thinking about entering your pet in one. No matter how big or how small or how gentle your pet is, you’ll want to keep these safety tips in mind when you enter your pet in that pet costume contest.

5 Remarkably Simple Easter Decor Ideas For Your Home

Welcome spring into your home by decorating for Easter. Compared to other holidays, you will find that Easter decorations are not elaborate or complicated. You won’t spend hours attaching bunny-shaped lights to your roof or constructing an Easter tree. Instead, focus on the small touches to spruce up your home and make things festive. Try one or all of these Easter decor ideas to make your home look lovely and refreshed for this holiday.

Easter: New Beginnings

I treasure something that my boss of many years ago once said to me. I was wearing a new dress and jewelry at the time and had taken care to apply a little makeup. He began with “I don’t want to be rude or have you take this the wrong way, but you are absolutely beautiful”.

Halloween: Not Just for Kids Anymore!

You’d enjoy Halloween more if it weren’t for those pesky kids, right? Never fear. Luckily, there are alternatives to hiding in your house with the lights off, cringing at every doorbell ring!

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