Well, hello there, Dearie!

Welcome to Home & Grace. It’s a place for me to share with you the lessons I learn, thoughts I think and tips and tricks I pick up as I go about living life. And I want to make it the best life I can.

What does that mean for me? It means:

  • Live out a humble, faithful understanding of Jesus Christ
  • Care for and love my husband and kiddos in a way that encourages them, and myself, to thrive
  • Make our home simple, full of grace and blessing to our family and others

That’s primarily what I talk about here: Faith, Family and Home.

Now, grab a cup of tea and I’ll tell you a bit about myself.

I’m Erin. I love new places, good food and all people. I like to be different but not stand out and I’m happiest when drinking a cup of tea with my husband, Ryan. Together we have lived in three countries: Canada (twice, on opposite sides), US (Oregon) and Hungary (not Budapest). We are out to prove that getting married and having children does not mean ‘settling down’. I thrive on adventure and bettering myself.