Mom, I Am Proud Of You! Mother’s Day Special

They say that the most thankless job in the world is parenting. Our parents are the ones who care for us, love us, clothe us, feed us, help us and are there for us in every single way imaginable.

Popular Halloween Costume Ideas

This article is to get people thinking about Halloween and popular Halloween costume ideas earlier in the year with tips and suggestions to make a memorable costume before October rolls around. Creating a costume earlier allows you more time to gather the appropriate materials and accessories without having to deal with the holiday rush.

Father’s Day Gifts for the Men in Your Life

More than simply a list of gift ideas, this article will stimulate your thinking and help you find creative, inexpensive ways to say “I love you” to the men in your life. This Father’s Day make a difference in someone’s life by taking time to care.

A Chaotic Christmas

A family clan gathers for a reunion at Christmas in 1936. Incidents include the family’s missing dog, a runaway pony, a devoted African-American, and surprising gifts.

Candles, the Perfect Gift for Any Occasion

Whatever the occasion may be, you simply can’t go wrong with the gift of candles. Many of the holidays and events we attend throughout the year require a gift. To help you avoid spending countless hours scouring the mall, we are going to explain why candles are the perfect gift for any occasion.

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