Living Room Design Mistake – LIGHTING

Choosing The Best Safari Destination In Kenya

Kenya is a renowned tourist destination with international status. There are many things to look forward to when you choose Kenya as your safari destination of choice. The culture of the Kenyan people is most interesting and fascinating. The foods are delicious and are made to perfection by qualified chefs.

Glee Halloween Costume Ideas for the Gleek in You

Not everyone is keen to dress up in muscle bound super hero halloween costumes this year. There are some of us who are more gifted and what better way to express it this Halloween than with a perfect Halloween costume from Glee!

Gift Your Loved Ones a Fabulous Navratri and Dussehra

“The Dussehra festival is just a few weeks away, beckoning us with its promise of grand rituals, great joys and many shopping trips! This is a festival that everyone enjoys – children, young adults, older adults and senior citizens. It’s a festival that inspires nostalgia in all of us, especially when we watch huge processions take to the streets on Durga Pooja day. On this day, multiply your family’s joys by buying a special gift card or gift voucher for each ritual in this nine-day festival”.

My Favorite Silly Holidays – What Are Yours?

There are a number of wacky holidays that have made it on to the calendar each year. They may have silly names but that is often where the fun stops. A lot of these holidays have a great cause behind them or celebrate something noble.

Discover The Best Unique Christmas Cards!

It’s hard to contain the Christmas spirit once you hear your favorite holiday song on the radio or see the first decorated house on your block. Department stores usually begin a few months in advance; setting up seasonal displays, publishing page after page of holiday coupons, and rolling out waves of Christmas greeting cards. Though you’d like to purchase a great gift for everyone you know, sometimes these cards are the most practical option. Unfortunately, most of them are unoriginal and rather boring. Let’s look at a few ways to send unique Christmas cards!

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