Two Halloween Superstitions You Might Want to Try

Halloween has been around for some time. There are hundreds of superstitions and myths that have grown up over the years. Many are just stories; some, however, have a practical element. This article looks at two (with variations) of these practical superstitions you can try for yourself

Why Your Child Will Love The Batman Deluxe Muscle Chest Costume

Growing up as a kid I Halloween was always one of my favorite holidays mainly because of all the candy I received. I used to have a Batman costume and I think even today The Batman Deluxe Muscle Chest costume is a favorite among kids. This is one costume that will never go out of style. If you’d like to get a neat costume for your child this year, this one will be greatly appreciated.

Who Was Halloween Invented by and Where Do Its Traditions Come From?

You celebrate Halloween every year, but do you actually know why? Do you know how Halloween came to be? And where its traditions come from? You’ll learn all that and more in this article.

Tips for Hosting an Outdoor Thanksgiving Dinner

If you live in a climate that allows for dining outdoors in late fall, you can plan an outdoor Thanksgiving dinner that will immerse your guests in the beautiful autumn season. In traditional paintings of the first Thanksgiving, the event is always showcased outdoors amidst the abundant harvest and spectacular autumn foliage.

Keeping Boundaries at the Holidays

The Holidays are approaching as fast as a child opening a present from Santa. But just because the Season is approaching us quickly, doesn’t mean that your decision making needs to follow the same pace. One of the worst decisions we can make over the Holiday Season is to blur the boundaries that took us all year long to set. Sometimes, the Holiday Cheer makes us all warm and fuzzy inside. And, soon after the “Cheer” and Egg Nog seeps into our veins we realize that Aunt Mary, Negative Nancy and our Ex-Boyfriend were not as bad as we made them out to be. We worked all year to set boundaries, take a step back, and say “No” to their endless commands, but now, the Holiday Cheer has somehow changed our perceptions about them. Reality check, the reason that these people don’t seem so bad anymore is because you used your hard earned energy to set boundaries with them for the past 10 months. Life is better when you set boundaries with the takers or the people who suck you dry.

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